Jake’s Announcement

Parental guidance: One animal was harmed during the making of this post. Though the pictures are not graphic, they are suggestive coupled with the text.

If you are still reading, Jake has an announcement to make.

“Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day! I crossed one more animal off my “Things to Catch Before I Die” list”, says Jake.

The List:
Squirrels were crossed off the list twice over (earlier this year and last year).
Yesterday, Jake crossed ‘rabbit’ off the list.

Let me start from the beginning of the story. After dinner was had by all (Jake and the humans), I let Jake out to take care of any business. As we were walking outside, Jake took off towards the left side our our yard. He came back towards me moving very slowly and with something in his mouth. I think I gasped and backed up a step or two away in horror. Thankfully, Jake didn’t see my reaction or he might not have done what he did next.

He laid this animal down in front of me, inches from my feet. I could see now that it was a very young rabbit. For reasons I will not state, I knew instantly that this rabbit was dead. Jake, certain that the rabbit was safe in my possession, ran back to the scene of the crime to see if there were any more rabbits to bring to me.

The scene of the crime:

At this time, my neighbors to the left of me called me over to explain the whole story. Before I relay the information to you, I feel I need to remind you where I live.

We live in a suburb about an hour north and west of Philadelphia. It is a small town (technically a borough) that has been a town for over 200 years. When Jake and I go walking every morning, every single block is lined with sidewalks. I’m trying to stress that we don’t live in the country. We live in a town minutes away from two major thoroughfares.

So, you can imagine my shock when my neighbor, Mr. B, goes on to explain to me that the poor rabbit had been killed by a hawk. Mr. and Mrs. B had been sitting on their back porch watching the hawk enjoy his prize. Jake interrupted the meal. The hawk couldn’t fly to safety and carry the rabbit away. Mr. B stated that it tried, but failed.

Jake is not a killer; he’s a retriever. And as you can see, he is a very good retriever. The squirrels crossed off the list above were not harmed. Both scurried away once Jake laid them down in front of me. Though the baby squirrel he caught did require a bit of training. It didn’t know how fast it should scurry away. The first time, it was a bit too slow. The second time around, it did much better.

A very proud Jake:

Jake wanted me to let you know that he received two treats for his good work and lots of praise.

Today, I am still whirling over Jake’s act of loyalty and generosity. Nobody else has given me a dead rabbit.

Dan said he didn’t know I wanted one.


4 thoughts on “Jake’s Announcement

  1. He didn’t know you wanted a dead rabbit! Well what decent women wouldn’t be please to receive one!!
    I have often thought that the dog food companies have it all wrong, they don’t want kibbles n bits, but rabbits n turds!

  2. What a cool dog. Likewise I’m always delighted when my cat brings me dead spiders – I think it means I’m her family. Also the spiders are dead.

  3. Have fun! I have subscribed to Spin Off magazine and hope to join the ranks of spinners some day myself. It’s funny how sometimes the mind works subconsciously and you symthesized information without even knowing it! Pretty dogwood tree.

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