An Apron for Miss C.

I love aprons. I wear them while cooking, painting and gardening. I own two vintage aprons and 2 ordinary aprons. Approximately two weeks ago, I decided that I needed yet another apron. In my desire to support the indie artist whenever feasible, I chose this pattern.

So, here I was about to embark on a fifth apron for myself, when it occurred to me that my niece’s 5th birthday was fast approaching. Last I knew, my niece, Miss C., did not have an apron. All little girls should own aprons. One is necessary to properly host a tea party and to partake in bake-a-thons with grandmothers. Plus, Miss C. will be entering kindergarten in September and an apron might save a handle full of shirts from all the messy arts and crafts projects. It’s impossible to save all of them.

With only a week to spare, I biked down to my nearby fabric store and picked out the most bright and vivacious fabric I could find. Three rows away, I found an equally bright pink fabric to use as binding.

I am very pleased with how the apron came out.

The specs for those who are interested:
Simplicity #4692
Size 5-7
100% cotton used
Binding was handmade
Minor alterations: V-neck made higher and area from neck to waist widened

The back side:

I’ll let Miss C. show off the front side.

Miss C. looks darling in just about everything so I can’t take much credit for the apron looking good on her.

Dan and I attended her birthday party on Saturday. Though I have no pictures to show you of the party (our family photographer has not uploaded them yet), I wanted to share with you a story about the day. Miss C.’s parents, my BIL and his wife, have gently reminded Miss C. that she needs to open the accompanying card to each present before she can move onto the next present. They have been reminding her since she was young enough to understand. On her birthday, when given a present, Miss C. would first go in search of the card. Then, she would open the card and hand it to her father to read. She would sit quietly and listen while he read the card to her. At the end of his reading, he would mention who had signed it. Miss C. would look up at the person who sent it and smile at him/her. THEN, she would open up the present. Or sometimes, she would forget to open up the present, and instead go in search of the next card. It was such a delightful and endearing sight to see.

Photo of Miss C. taken by Matt H. Thank you!


15 thoughts on “An Apron for Miss C.

  1. Your apron for Miss C is gorgeous! I made some personalized aprons for my niece and nephews for Christmas. One of my nephews wore his the whole day as it looked like a chefs apron and had a pic of a car.

    Thanks for your lovely comments over on my blog. It is nice to know someone enjoys looking.


  2. Oooh, I love aprons, too. Well, I made myself one about a year ago and love it. LOL. It’s similar to the one you made your niece. I use it when I cook bacon and other splashy items. I’ve ruined too many shirts… I’m going to check out the pattern on Etsy! It’s so cute.


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