Green with Envy and Poison Ivy

I finished my Green with Envy scarf. This scarf was fun and quick to knit! It was simple enough that I could watch my Phillies play baseball without having to look down too often. Yet, the yarns were fun to knit together. They played well off one another. I should admit that two weeks ago, I had no plans to knit a scarf. While digging through my yarn stash, I came across three yarns that begged to be knit together. Since I was in need of a simple baseball project, I cast on. This scarf is what came to be.


The specs: No design
Stitch pattern: Quadruple Moss Stitch (basically an elongated Double Moss Stitch)
Yarns used:

From Left to Right: First, 100% rayon in purples, blues and greens. Tag lost on this yarn, but assume it is from A Touch of Twist where I have purchased all of my rayon yarn. Second, Sinflex by London yarns in green. Third, Clip (100% cotton) by Klaus Koch in Lime Green.
Needles used: 10.5 USA

I honestly have no aspirations for this scarf. I will probably just throw it into my Christmas cabinet and stow it there until the holidays. The most likely recipient is my cousin, since green is her favorite color. Plus, she looks fantastic in green (I suppose the two have something to do with one another). I gravitate towards blue for the very same reasons.

To explain my title of this post, the season for poison ivy has begun. Ask me how I know.

Well, since you asked, I was grooming Jake last night and not but five minutes later, my left elbow was itching like crazy and had broken out in the tell-tale bumps associated with poison ivy. I should be grateful for the fact that I only break out on my left elbow. And I am. Around mid-June, the gratitude starts to falter and the bitterness creeps in. I know I won’t get relief until late-September when the leaves have fallen off the plants and they have slipped into dormancy.

I have tried everything to avoid it. I can spot the plant several yards out and detour around it. I have tried using a lotion that is supposed to reduce or eliminate an outbreak before I even come in contact with the plant. I use Caladryl lotion to keep me from scratching and in turn reduce the spreading. Yet, the problem isn’t me coming in contact with the plant. The problem is my darling Jake. He gets the plant oils on him and during normal petting or grooming, he lovingly transfers the oils to me. Short of training Jake to avoid poison ivy (and I wouldn’t even know how to go about that), I don’t know what to do.

Well, I will leave you on a happier note. Another picture of my green scarf: