My real name is Marie Haigh. I live in Pottstown, which is a medium-sized town about an hour outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I tool around town on my red bicycle, wearing a blue helmet. I am happily married to the man my best friend introduced me to during our college years. After 10 years of marriage, we became the proud parents of a beautiful girl named Elizabeth. Four years later we added another daughter and a son. They bring joy to our lives every day.

I learned to knit from my mother-in-law. I wanted to learn the craft so that I could make knitted bags for each of my six bridesmaids. It was an ambitious plan that was quickly shelved. The bridesmaids ended up with sewn bags instead. Yet, I was hooked on knitting.

I started to design my own patterns mostly out of necessity from my bad shopping habits. Like many others, I buy yarn because I am wooed by the pretty colors or the soft texture. Then, I get it home and have no idea what to do with it. Inspired by the stitch dictionary I bought while at Knitters East, my first sweater design was born. This sweater, like so many of my early creations, went to my niece.

This blog features my knitting designs, current knitting WIPS (works in progress) whether or not they are designed by me and even failed projects. Occasionally, I take a much needed break from knitting, such as after the birth or adoption of my children. During such times, my blog focuses on my family along with the hobby that has my current attention, bouncing between sewing, gardening, card-making and cooking.

Contact information:
eMail: knittedgems@gmail.com
Ravelry username: KnittedGems


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