Sunday Snapshots (of Jake’s Birthday)

Jake, our dog, turned 10 on May 1st.

For a gift, Elly and I made Jake sausage biscuits.

(Jake is keeping a watchful eye on us in the kitchen, but not overexerting himself).

Then, because all birthdays must have cake per Elly’s rules, we baked a carrot cake.

Once you have a birthday cake made, you simply must sing Happy Birthday and blow out candles.

Jake being a dog couldn’t blow out his candles. So, Elly did the honors for him.

It was a lot of candles. It took Elly a few tries to blow them all out. Eventually, we all got to eat cake, except Jake who happily ate another sausage biscuit.

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Sunday Snapshots (of our dog Jake)

Before Elly, Jake got all the attention. He was the star of this blog.

Long time readers will remember that we adopted him when he was 3 years old from Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. He was so skinny (read: underweight) when we first got him.

Jake and I would take long walks together with no destination in mind. I never had to cut his toenails; the sidewalk grinded them down for me.

Now when we go for a walk, we always stop by the playground so Elly can run off some steam. Last week, for the very first time, I had to cut his nails since he walks on the grass more than the sidewalks.

Though I mostly take photos of Elly now and post them here on the blog, I still take an occasional shot of Jake.

He is getting old on me now. He’s 9 and referred to as a senior in his breed. The white is starting to show on his face.


He’s still my boy.

Jake’s Job

Outside of companionship, Jake’s responsibilities are minimal. We never even bothered to teach him the normal list of tricks.

Thus, Jake doesn’t play Fetch, preferring the ‘Keep Away’ game.

He doesn’t bring me the newspaper every morning, since the first few attempts resulted in a shredded paper.

Being the social bunny that he is, Jake doesn’t guard the house. Even Elly joining the family hasn’t triggered any desire from Jake to protect us – for which I’m thrilled.

Despite his commitment to the task, Jake has been unable to chase off the resident squirrel family.

Yet, Jake has found a way to be useful. He breaks up the sticks that fall from our pin oak tree into kindling. He’s quite efficient.

First, Jake collects a stick from me.

Then, he lays down nearby to snap, tear, gnaw and bite the stick until it is reduced to pieces small enough for the kindling pile.

Upon completion, Jake dashes over to receive another stick.

He just loves his job.We see it as nothing but a bonus. I encourage it because it keeps Jake entertained while I’m gardening. Dan is always pleased by Jake’s efforts because it means less work for him when he’s bringing sticks in for the fireplace.

Where was Elly in all this gardening? In her Ergo, of course.

Yarn Arrived for the Bump

After failing twice to use yarn from my stash for the baby’s baseball blanket, I caved and ordered yarn from Webs. It arrived today!

The yarn is Schachenmayr Nomotta’s Extra Merino Big. It is 100% washable Merino wool in Ruby Red. The stitching will be done in bright white. Thus, Dan has dubbed the blanket a “Reverse Baseball”.

During the baseball game tonight, I plan to cast on for the swatch. I can’t wait to get started!

Baby Notes:
B6 vitamins are my friend. They are taking the morning sickness away and returning my energy level to me. For the first time in weeks, I’m starting to feel like a real person again.

Since I was a little dismayed for not looking exactly pregnant yet but no longer looking like my normal size, I bought myself a “Walking for Two” t-shirt to wear on the morning walks with Jake.

[Yes, that is my walking partner rolling around on the grass behind me. Silly dog].

As comfy and as cute as the shirt is, it hides the bump. The outfit I wore today showed it off a bit more.

And Survey Says…

Indie Publishers want to know!

Please won’t you take a minute and fill out this survey regarding the purchase of indie patterns. Thank you!


On the way home from our walk today, Jake reminded me that I hadn’t posted the pictures of our latest snow storm.

Can you spot Jake?
He is laying down in the snow after finally rooting out his prized stick that Mother Nature had buried.

You can barely see it, but Jake’s nose has flakes of snow on it. I thought it was so cute.

Free Hi and Poor Jake

After I got back from the Pottstown Knit Out, I couldn’t resist writing the pattern up for the Hi dishcloth. I got such a kick out of knitting it up for the class. Unlike my Dishcloth in a Dishcloth design which never really came out the way I envisioned, the word ‘Hi’ is easily recognizable.

Should you care to knit yourself a dishcloth that will greet you every morning, the pattern can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link below.

Surprisingly Jake did not assist in the photography which is perhaps why it is missing that extra something. Poor Jake is feeling a little under the weather.

Of course, we still went for our walk this morning after Jake gently reminded me what time it was. Plus, he received his after-walk treat. He’s not THAT sick. He just has a minor ear infection. He came down with it because I was just bragging the other day about how he never gets ear infections in the wintertime. I jinxed him, you see.

However, he was sick enough to wake me up at 4:30 this morning. After a good ear cleaning, a treat, and ample cuddle time, Jake went back to sleep. I had no such luck.

Phillies Fever and some Knitting

Despite the miserable, wet and windy weather, the town is abuzz about the Phillies and the World Series. Dan and I have Phillies gear to wear about town and support our team. And now, Jake does too.

From Jake

I had ordered the new collar before the World Series started, but only received it yesterday. Presumably, I wasn’t the only dog owner who wanted to deck their best friend out in Phillies gear. Dan surmised that Game 5 was suspended and then delayed just so Jake could get his collar in time to help support our boys.
I smile everytime I see him in his new collar.

From Jake

During the World Series games, I have been getting some knitting done. For the first time in a long time, I am knitting something I didn’t design.

It is Kelly’s Rievaulx Cowl. If you click on the previous link, you’ll be able to read how Kelly was inspired to create this design plus you’ll be able to obtain the free pattern. Ravelry users can click here.

I chose to knit Kelly’s cowl for two reasons: (1) I needed an easy knitting project to keep my hands busy during the World Series games and (2) I wanted to support an up and coming knitting designer. Hopefully, this design will be the first of many designs to come from Kelly.

I made just one change to the pattern; I opted to double the length of the ribbing in Kelly’s Rolls and Ribs version. It’s cold in Pennsylvania this time of year.

Finished pictures coming soon.

A Spindle for me and an AC for us all

My new spindle arrived on Friday! My knee jerk reaction was to rip the package open and extract my new toy. Yet it was received in such pretty wrapping, I couldn’t resist taking pictures to show you.

Wrapped in Merino roving

Spindle wrapped in Silk roving

Spindle assembled
It’s another Turkish spindle, of course.

The stats:
Purchased from Jenkins Woodworking
Hand crafted by Ed Jenkins
Made from Asian Satinwood
1.2 oz.

Another picture because I think it’s so pretty

The first thing I had to learn was how to accomplish a half-hitch knot. Between Dan’s book on knots (Don’t ask me why he own a book on knots. I really couldn’t explain.) and Spindlicity’s step-by-step instructions, I finally got the knack down. And I was off!

The second thing I learned was that I need more practice spinning. Finally, the last tidbit I learned was that silk was awfully slippery and not something to meddle with while still learning how to make a half-hitch knot.

Still, all these little setbacks and learning experiences did not dissuade me from spinning. The brutal heat did.

Our old air conditioner died at the end of last summer. Since Fall was starting and cool days were upon us, we didn’t bother to replace it.

Saturday, with the heat index over 100 degrees F, we made it a priority. We tore out the old one and installed a new one. When I say ‘we’, I really mean ‘Dan’. Dan did the lion’s share of the work. I merely helped move the old AC, oh, maybe a total of six inches. Truly, I don’t know what he would do without me sometimes.

Our new AC:

Jake after his daily walk on Sunday morning:

He’s no fool.