Taking a Break in my Garden

First, I want to thank everybody who offered advice on how to correct my quilting woes. It was excellent advice! Goodness knows, I didn’t want to have to recut all those squares. So, I will continue on with the original plan. My nephew will be the proud owner of a too-big quilt for his twin bed. Yet, like all little boys, he will grow up and eventually grow into the quilt.

Rather than stay cooped up inside yesterday afternoon, I dediced to go play in my garden. True, there isn’t much that can be done at this time of the year. The soil is still very damp barring me from planting anything, trees and shrubs that flower in the spring should be left alone until after their blooming season, and I already trimmed the hedge row. So, I opted to move some rocks around.

Many people strategically place rocks and boulders in their gardens for asthetic purposes. I use them as guardians against the evil lawn mower.

The list of plants injured or killed by the mower grew longer last year: 3 day lillies, 1 hosta and 1 japanese maple. The lilies and hosta have sprouted already and will bloom soon. So, Dan’s mantra that the plant will grow back stronger if trimmed holds sway. However, the maple died. So, to protect all plants that aren’t big enough to fight back, I use large rocks or bricks. (The rose bushes and fire thorn bush require no such protection. They have mawled the man behind the mower a few times.)

I can take virtually no credit for our gardens. The majority of plants were planted by the original owners, specifically the husband. I have only planted trees: 2 japanese maples and one eastern redbud. I also planted these flowers last year.

Hopefully, they will grow up to be purple coneflowers.

This year, if the ground ever dries out a bit, I will be planting 2 shrubs, 1 tree, ground cover, and a plethora of wildflowers. The main goal is to reduce the amount of grass Dan has to mow. Thereby, reducing the amount of damage to my plants. Additionally, a little bit of my personality should start to shine through.