A Birthday Pie

This weekend, we hosted a mini get-together to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I was supposed to cook a chocolate cake.

Saturday morning, just back from my walk with Jake, I decided the last thing I wanted to do was bake a cake. Cakes aren’t cool and refreshing. It wasn’t even 10 am and I was already searching for a bucket of ice water to dunk my head in. Jake was laying next to me panting. He couldn’t believe I was thinking of turning the oven on.

So, I compromised and dyed my hands red in the process.

I bought 2 lbs of Washington red cherries (sweet) and made a cherry pie based on Martha Stewart’s recipe.

I made a few changes. I swapped out arrowroot for the cornstarch and apple cider vinegar for the lemon juice. I eliminate the egg wash and extra sugar because I prefer the natural look. Plus, since my cherries were ripe and very sweet all on their own, I used a little bit less sugar than called for, probably about 2 tbsp less.

It was yummy.

Now, truly, I have so much more to tell you. For starters, I received a super cute apron in the apron swap I’m participating. Next, I ordered and received a new purse designed specifically for knitters. Then, I can’t wait to show you the lovely, raw, alpaca fleeces I purchased. Finally, I have to introduce you to the friendliest cat I’ve ever met. (Thankfully, Jake wasn’t with me. He thinks cats were put on this earth to be chased.)

His name is Sammy.

I’ll post pictures and an explanation later this week. Hope you are having a great day!

6 thoughts on “A Birthday Pie

  1. Pie? I like pie. I think Mr. H needs to make a pie for me, now. :)

    Sammy looks like the cat we had before we had kids. He was very mean, though. I really miss him.

  2. Cherry Pie is perfect!! And yours looks delish.

    In my experience, orange Tabbies are friendly and a bit wimpy. (But my experience is only with my 2!)

  3. Well, my hubby would love the Cake turned pie – we have Cherry pie for his birthday every year! (Although, I have to admit, I don’t make ’em from scratch!)

    You wouldn’t want any pie I made from scratch. . .

  4. Whenever I see pie I always end up thinking about Loretta Lynn and the Crisco commercial (Mah husban shore does luv pie…but to make pie raight, you muss use Crisco!) – looks lovely. I want to try my hand at cherry jam which I love.

    Oh…and um…alpaca fleece? Do tell!!!!

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