Easter Pictures and a New Project

I know I mentioned that I would be posting pictures of my niece’s 5th birthday party and the apron I made her. Unfortunately, I failed for the 3rd day in a row to retrieve the apron pictures off of Dan’s camera. In an effort to remember tonight, I have informed Dan about my need to borrow his camera. Hopefully, one of us will remember.

Today, we will have to muddle through without cute niece pictures. Instead, I will woo you with other pictures.

Thanks to my SIL, I have Easter pictures to show you.

Dyeing Easter eggs with my godson Finn.

Finn getting tickled by his mother and I.

Pictures taken by my SIL (Michelle H.).

I have to admit that I rely on my SIL, perhaps too heavily, to provide me with pictures of the family get-togethers. I never remember to pull my camera out and she is never without hers.

In knitting news, I started a new project. It’s a simple scarf that uses up some of my odds and ends: leftover cotton Clip yarn, rayon yarn by A Touch of Twist and Sinflex by London yarns. The pattern is what I would call a Quadruple Moss Stitch, a double moss stitch elongated by four more rows.