Christmas Present Begun

In order for me to complete my nephew’s Christmas present on time, I started on it last night.

It will be an Americana quilt. More exactly, the front will look like an American flag, while the back will feature Americana fabric. I’m still looking for the “right” fabric.

This mess on my sewing table only makes up 1/4 of the quilt top. The majority of the fabric going into the quilt top was kindly donated by Dan. All of the plaid fabrics came from his old flannel shirts. The starry navy blue fabric was purchased on Etsy.

My goal is to hand quilt the star area and machine quilt the stripes. Hence, the reason that I am starting now and not in October.

The design is my own and one that will probably be tweaked again before I stitch everything together. I truly tried to support the indie quilt pattern writer, but I couldn’t find anything that would work with plaid fabrics. I ran at least 15 searches on Google trying to find a quilt pattern that was suitable. Heck, just finding quilt patterns for sale was a huge challenge. I found a million free patterns, but like I mentioned, I wanted to support the indie quilter. I ran into a wall and finally gave up. It’s a shame that the quilters don’t have a Ravelry.

So, I sat down with a pencil and some graph paper. Below is version 2 of my draft. I’m still not happy with the star section and will probably change it. I’ve already altered the star block.