Slipping into Happiness

I swore I wouldn’t do again. I had even considered giving it all away to somebody who would put it to good use. My knitting, sewing, quilting and gardening hobbies keep me busy. I don’t have time for another hobby. I explained all of this before.

On Wednesday when I was deciding between the gorgeous yarn my MIL gave me and the true-red, practical yarn, I saw the Corriedale roving. Instantly, I remembered where I was when I bought it and how excited I was to bring it home. Master K, my nephew, was newly born. (He will be 5 in August). I was visiting my sister in Texas to help with keeping Miss K, the proud big-sister, out of the way. I purchased it in a small shop in McKinney, Texas on the one day my sister and I escaped the confines of her house. I was terribly excited to bring it home. Inside the package of roving was a drop spindle. Once I got back home to Pennsylvania, I immediately took it out of its packaging and tried to spin it up. It was a disaster. At first, I was spinning too loose. Then, I was spinning too tight. So, I bought a book. Then, I bought another book. I purchased a Turkish spindle. I bought a batt of gorgeous merino wool. I took a spinning class at Stitches East. Nothing worked. The harder I tried, the more frustrated I became. So, I packed it all up and put it away. I gradually accepted the fact that I would never spin my own wool. It was nothing to be upset about. The world is full of commercial-spun and hand-spun wool. Naturally, I just bought more wool to make up for the lack of handmade wool.

Looking at the Corriedale roving, I was inspired. I walked into the office/craft room and took down my Turkish spindle. All these years, it had been hanging from a hook. Waiting. I sat down and I started to spin. My first try was once again too loose. Then, everything I had been taught just clicked into place. I was spinning! And I was smitten.

The rationalization has already started. If I finish knitting 10 more rows, I can go spin for a half an hour. If I finish making four more quilt squares, I can spin for a full hour. It’s going to rain tonight, so the gardening doesn’t need watering. I can spin a bit more during the time I would have been watering. It’s a slippery slope.

I don’t need another hobby. Yet, I just can’t stop myself!

Speaking of my garden, I leave you with a picture of a Flowering Dogwood. Though last summer’s drought took a toll on my other four dogwoods, this one was left unscathed. It is protected in the backyard from the afternoon sun.