Mist Drop Stole revisited

I made this shawl for myself about five years ago. It is my favorite shawl. I wear it everywhere. It was knit with superfine alpaca. The design is not really a design at all. I simply cast on 117 stitches and then followed the stitch pattern directions to Mist Drops. Mist Drops was designed by Hildegard M. Elsner and featured in Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns book on page 233.

After finishing, one is supposed to block and stretch the pattern. I never have. I love the way it bunches together. It adds much more texture, weight, and warmth.

I have located a sock design that utilizes the Mist Drop pattern: Figheadh’s Lace & Lattice sock. See the detail around the ankle cuff. This is the way it is “supposed” to look.

Since I remember the pattern to be tedious and requiring my full attention, I have not used it again. I prefer patterns to be relaxing, yet interesting.

Still, I want desperately to remake the stole. So, I have revised the stitch pattern four times over. I think I am finally happy with it. Last night, I started to knit up a small swatch. I’m using Alchemy’s Synchronicity (50% silk and 50% wool).


5 thoughts on “Mist Drop Stole revisited

  1. What a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for the comments about the hat (I’m not a fan of bud, either — my roommate was kind enough to drink all of the beer for me)

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