Brooke Bag for Gran

I purchased the Brooke Bag pattern from Marie-Madeline Studio and made this bag for Gran, Dan’s grandmother.

The reverse side:

Like most of the quilts I make, this entire bag was made from scrap fabric. Because it was made from scraps rather than new fabric, it has a story to tell.

The tie-dye fabric was leftover from the apron I made for Miss C.

The denim was leftover from my very first published pillow design.

The purple fabric came from one of Pop’s shirts. Pop is Gran’s late husband.
The small flower print fabric came from Jo of Blissed Out.
The large flower print was gifted to me by my MIL, leftovers from the quilt she made for Dan and me.
The plain white fabric was an old sheet I used before I bought my beloved water bed.

This bag was a joy to make. I won’t be even the least bit upset if Gran never uses it. Watching the bag come together was all the entertainment I needed.

I did make a few changes to Marie-Madeline’s pattern.
The pattern called for one piece of fabric for the backside of the bag. I thought it would be much more fun to have both sides made from patches of fabric. I also purposely used different layouts on each side of the bag to keep things interesting.
I used denim for the lining rather than the recommended medium-weight cotton. I also adhered interfacing to the bag straps. If I am going to spend several days sewing a bag together, I’m going to take the time to make it durable. Surely a lot of people are like me; they expect a bag to be able to handle the daily abuses of being dropped on the floor, dragged hither and yon, and banged into goodness knows what. I’m not a big fan of bags that are only good for decoration.

Other than those few small changes, I followed the pattern to a ‘t’. The instructions were well laid out and very easy to understand.

6 thoughts on “Brooke Bag for Gran

  1. The bag is beautiful! I have never sewn anything but I’m hinting to Santa that I would like a sewing machine this year.

    Your pecan pie looks fabulous!!!! Not sure what to suggest about the knee warmer not staying up. I’m surprised the elastic wasn’t enough. Maybe create a twisted cord and weave it through the top ribbing and pull that tight and see if that helps.

  2. What a great bag… I love the history behind all the fabric. I still have a quilt my mom made me from scraps of fabric from the dresses she made me when I was in grade school. I love the memories.

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