Card Binge

With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter fast approaching and no appropriate cards in my stash, I went on a card-making frenzy this past weekend.

26 cards!
I had the materials to make twice as many, but I started to feel like I was on an assembly line. Unlike Lucy’s episode, there was no chocolate on hand. Perhaps I would have stayed the course if there had been. Next time, I’ll plan better.

The heart cards were made from cake-sized paper plates.

The St. Patrick Day cards were made from a Mardi-gras-style necklace, a lei-style necklace, old cards, and a shamrock cookie cutter. I had so much fun making these.

These 4 Easter cards were made from paper napkins, ribbon, cardstock (the basket) and twine (the basket handle). I found the paper napkins much easier to work with than cotton fabric.

The animal and flower Easter cards (or Spring cards) were made from the same paper napkins used above, cookie cutters, card stock and ribbon.

Some people sell the cards they make. I don’t think I could ever make enough of a surplus to do that. I enjoy sending cards via snail mail too much. The entire stack of St. Patrick’s Day cards was posted in this morning’s mail after forcing Dan to sign them while he was eating his breakfast.


6 thoughts on “Card Binge

  1. Such cute cards, you’re so clever. My daughter does that, too. I love getting real mail and I always send cards. But I have to buy them.

  2. I love your cards! They are all so happy and cheerful and you made such creative use of material around the house. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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