One BSJ down; One to Go

The specs:
Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket
Yarn: Yarn Love’s Marianne Dashwood in color Maiden
Jacket ate approximately 295 yards, not including the yardage used to check gauge
Tools: Size 2 needles
Adjustments made to the pattern: Added 6 ridges (12 rows) in length to the back, a collar and cuffs.

According to my math, that leaves me with 35 yards to knit an accessory, but only after I rip out my swatch. So, my dreams of knitting a bonnet, hood, or shorts are squashed. Oddly, I feel very comforted by that fact. Deep down I didn’t want to knit anything else. I just don’t think I like knitting clothes for babies. The practical side of me was ranting on and on about how the baby was just going to grow like a weed, kicking the too-small-jacket out of the way. If I’m lucky, it might get worn twice before that happens.

Of course, I ignored oh-practical-one and ordered another skein of superwash merino to make a similar, but not matching, BSJ for twin #2. I just loved knitting this jacket! EZ’s reputation for ingenious and common-sense directions is well-earned.