More Pretties for Elly

Pressured by the fact that my sewing machines will have to packed away for a month and extremely motivated by the nesting instinct, I have been sewing up a storm for Elly.

I recently completed bloomers for Elly

Tessa Bloomers
Designer: Marie-Madeline Studio
Size: 2T – it was the smallest size the pattern came in
Alterations: None that you can see. Since I’m a stickler about seams especially when it comes to children’s clothes, I ignored the pattern’s suggestion to use a serger (mainly because I don’t own a serger) or a zigzag stitch. Instead I used a mock French seam in most areas and double bias tape where the bloomers are gathered.  
Review: Great pattern and cute design!

along with a kimono robe and bonnet to match the pink dress made earlier

Pattern: Simplicity 2900, a vintage pattern from 1952
Size: Small, 6 months
Alterations: Mainly I ignored their suggestion on where and how to place the embroidery. The fabric I used was already embroidered so all I had to do was cut the pattern pieces out carefully. Additionally, the lace on the kimono robe hides the fact that I had to piece together the front of the robe in order to get the embroidery on the bottom.

Review: As thrilled as I am with how the dress, kimono robe and bonnet look together, this pattern required too much hand sewing to get an A+ from me.
Note: I have already informed Dan that we will have to take Elly someplace special so she can wear her pretty dress and accessories even if all we do is drive over to her Granny’s house.

and finally a pillow to preserve the cross stitch my MIL made for Dan many years ago.

None. This was simply a matter of adding sashing around the cross stitch and a plain piece of fabric to the back.

Next up, I’m thinking of starting a daybed cover for the guest bedroom unless I change my mind and sew something else for Elly. It does seem slightly silly to make a daybed cover when the daybed is going to be used almost daily for a month after Elly is born. Which is to say that the cover is going to spend most of its time folded away in the linen closet whilst the bed is in use.

So, should I sew a Mei Tai sling (noting that I already own the Ergo sling), a robe for Elly, a play outfit for Elly, or curtains for the guest bedroom?

Or should I just pack away my last remaining sewing machine and focus on my knitting projects? I have yet to complete Elly’s baseball blanket or her heirloom shawl.

Decisions. Decisions.

This is a post from Knitted Gem’s blog, authored by Marie Haigh.


7 thoughts on “More Pretties for Elly

  1. Such sweet, sweet clothing! It must be fun to sew and dream about the baby you will soon have in your arms. Whatever you do, sewing or knitting, will be joyful. Just go with your instinct.

    1. No, she doesn’t have any afghans that are knit, but she is not lacking in the way of afghans and blankets. She has 3 crochecheted afghans, one quilt, and one handmade fleece blanket. Her Grandma is working on a 4th crocheted afghan whilst I am busy sewing her up a 2nd quilt.

      Once I finish her baseball blanket, then she will be the proud owner of a knit afghan. Yet, everytime I try knitting more than 2 rows on it, I end up sweating. Elly keeps me toasty warm these days – too warm.

  2. You are one of the most energetic pregant women I know! Elly is going to have the best room, wardrobe and of course mom and dad, and we don’t want to forget Jake.

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