London, Here We Come!

We leave our house tomorrow morning at o’dark-hundred (4am EST). We’ll arrive in London Heathrow airport at 9:30pm GMT.

A snippet of the conversation I had with my friend yesterday:
V: I plan to take a change of clothes in my carry-on bag just in case the airport loses my luggage. You may want to consider it.
Me: I don’t have room for clothes. My carry-on is stuffed full of knitting needles, yarn, embroidery, books and food. I have my priorities. I’d rather have my knitting needles than clean underwear.
V: That should be a bumper sticker.

Camera is packed in the carry-on as well. I’ll bombard you with pictures upon my return, but don’t expect to see the typical tourist sites. We’ll be staying away from most of them. My goals consist of catching a football (soccer) game, visiting a good tea shop, finding the best pubs in town, chatting with the locals and shopping for yarn/fiber/fabric. One of the yarn shops I located just happens to be in the same neighborhood where we’re staying.

Though we return the day before Easter, don’t expect to hear from me until after the 13th.

Have a wonderful week and a Happy Easter!