Pine Tree design on Christmas Tree Skirt

I have the laptop back! This guy moves so much faster than Hal! Yet in my excitement of having the laptop back, I forgot to snag the digital camera. And, what’s a blog without pictures? So, I made you a picture.

What is it you ask? Why it’s a pic of my design for the white ties in the Christmas Tree Skirt.

I’ve cast on for the 1st of the white ties. I’m pleased that my design/calculations allow for all the ties to start in the same manner. I don’t mind doing the extra math, but I think it’s easier on the knitter if s/he doesn’t have to check the pattern constantly.

More pictures later:

  • The Chili Pepper quilt is finished!
  • Progress on my never-ending-beaded-shawl (It’s getting bigger – I swear!)

Have a great weekend!

I’ll be out on the roads doing some more Christmas shopping. Will I finish? Heck, no, but I’ll have more done than undone. And that seems like an accomplishment.

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