Dissecting and Reassembling a Skein of Yarn

I had purchased this yarn from an Etsy seller about a month ago. Almost immediately, I realized it would not work for what I had planned: a cozy. The yarn was thick and thin and wouldn’t completely hide the item it was wrapped around, i.e. cozy-ing.

Before I go any further, I want to stress that the fault does not lie with the artist. The fault is all mine. I am too picky. I prefer a yarn to have the following features: consistent thickness throughout the majority – occasional bumps and nubs are fine, minimal friction when sliding through my fingers, and balance – although some unbalance is fine and preferable for certain projects.

Because the yarn was over-plyed with a thread, it was very elastic. It’s a nice feature in certain projects (NO fault lies with the artist), but I found it to be annoying because the yarn would not glide through my fingers. It kept bunching up.

So, I un-plyed the thread from the yarn.
Then, I plyed the now-just-wool skein with Knit Pick’s Quarry.

Then, I folded the yarn back onto itself using the Andean method, creating a 4-ply yarn.
Lastly, I removed the orange and black ribbons, since they no longer complemented the yarn.

I’ve renamed it Royal Sunshine.

I think I’ll use it to knit myself a headband for the winter months. It should keep my ears toasty and warm.


10 thoughts on “Dissecting and Reassembling a Skein of Yarn

  1. Wow very creative solution to that problem. I think the end result is very nice, the color combo is good and I agree, it breaks my rythum when I have a too slubby yarn.

  2. Yet again, I bow down to your creative powers! I’ve tagged you and given you a little award on my blog honey – get yourself over there!

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