Grandpa’s Jacket

In my high school years, my Aunt gifted to me the jacket that Grandpa once wore.

There were a few holes in it, but otherwise it was in good condition. I wore it to death. A button fell off. The zipper became busted.  At least a dozen more holes sprouted on the sleeves and back. About five years ago, I packed it up with the rest of the winter clothes.

Though I can’t hold a candle to my Aunt’s pack-rat habits, I’ve never been able to get rid of this jacket. I know I will never wear it again. I kept telling myself that next year I would throw it out.

While working on my Christmas tree skirt, I quickly came to the conclusion that hand sewing 24 buttons onto each tie would land me in the nut house. There had to be a better way to decorate the white ties. Then, out of the blue, I remembered Grandpa’s jacket.

It was 100% wool. It would felt.

Why is it when you want to felt something, it won’t felt?

I tried washing the jacket by hand, moving it from hot water to cold. Nothing. It didn’t felt at all. It two cycles in the washer and two more in the dryer before it felted enough where the edges would no longer fray. I’ve never had such trouble before.

But, it worked. I have green stars with which to decorate my skirt with.


7 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Jacket

  1. You managed to kill two birds with one stone – the problem of keeping things around that you’ll never use, and an alternative to driving yourself cuckoo with the sewing on of a massive amount of buttons. Even better than that though, in my opinion, is the richness you’ve added to your project by incorporating something from your family’s history that holds memories.

  2. I don’t know how to contact you by email. I am tagging your blog, and would like to tell you the “rules” if you’d be so kind as to drop me a line with your email addy. Thanks! (And cool shirt!) Nancy

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