Box Cutters and Corn, but not together

I’ve made cards from old encyclopedias, photos, cardboard boxes and fancy wrapping paper. None are as much fun as buying a trinket from the dollar store and using a box cutter to hack it up into little pieces.

My latest dollar store find was a stack of party-themed paper plates.

I cut out the balloons with my trusty box cutter.

I suppose you could use very sharp scissors, but that would ruin half the fun. It’s like using your food processor to mash up some graham crackers for a cheesecake crust; it’s much more fun to smash them with your fists or a meat tenderizer.

I then just used some glue to adhere the balloons to cards purchased from Michael’s.

Speaking of food, the local farmers are finally harvesting their crop of corn. Oh, how I love corn on the cob. I always buy way too much and freeze what we don’t use.

Growing up, we always ate corn from the local farm nearby. I still remember how every year in late summer, my father would drive up with the entire back of the station wagon filled to the ceiling with corn on the cob. My sister and I were tasked with the job of shucking all the corn. It was an all day job.

Because I’ve been spoiled my entire life, I won’t eat corn from the can. It’s not the same.