Baseball Season Starts Friday

It’s not a minute too soon.

Dan and I are giddy about this season. Our pitching rotation is the best in the league. If we can get our bats clicking on all cylinders, we’ll be unstoppable.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to frame another newspaper?

The one featured here was saved for years by Dan’s grandmother, tucked away in a drawer, and rescued by my FIL. He gifted it to us because he knew that I have a small collection of Phillie memorabilia hanging downstairs in our rec room along with bits and pieces tucked away inside our scrapbook.

Just to remind all my dear friends and family that they should watch the Phillies games and root for our boys, I made them each a baseball card.

Let’s go Phillies!


One thought on “Baseball Season Starts Friday

  1. I am so excited that the season is starting I like a few teams but really love routing for the Red Sox(born & raised in Mass) & the Mariners(live in WA & well they need the love lol).

    Good Luck to your Philies this year.

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