Drowning in Pictures

After we got home from visiting family on Easter, I pulled all the pictures off my camera. All 600 of them. On my computer is a folder labeled 1st for Sorting. As always, I just transferred the pictures off my memory stick and was about to walk away and tackle the many household chores when I noticed that the pictures in the album totaled close to 2,000.

So, I sat right back down and started the long task of sifting out the gems and deleting the rest.

I tackled Easter first.



Then, I started at the earliest picture in the folder. I was shocked to see it was from Christmas!




I need to sort through pictures more often.


Or take fewer pictures.


How does everybody else do it? I feel like I used to have a handle on it when I was only taking pictures of Elly. But with 3 kids, I take many more pictures and have considerable less time on my hands.

On a less whiny note, I did finish sorting all the Christmas pictures.


Next to tackle Elly’s birthday pictures.


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