Buttons, Brooches, and Pillowcases

I received a lovely package in the mail yesterday from Jo. Take a look!

Two handmade Flower Brooches
One handmade Button Bracelet
One Fat Quarter of fabric with small navy blue flowers
One shimmery card

Many months ago, I had won a prize on Jo’s blog: Blissed Out. The prize was to be 2 flower brooches. Unfortunately, they were lost in the mail. Since I am an avid blog reader of hers, I knew her wedding was coming up on top of juggling a million other things. I was determined not to say a word. Well, as my luck would have it, the silence gave me away. Jo sent me a note asking why she hadn’t heard from me about the brooches she sent. So I confessed that I never received them. Then, I made a pitiful attempt to assure her that she didn’t need to send me any more brooches. The thought was sweet and I enjoyed participating in the contest. Jo wouldn’t hear of such nonsense. She was determined that I would receive my very own flower brooch and that I would like them.

And like them, I do! Thank you, Jo!

Ooh, I almost forgot to show you the best part of the package.


Of course, receiving such pretty sewing notions in the mail, I was inspired to sew this morning.

Just yesterday, I had seen a sewing machine cover on Alli’s blog during the 10 cent tour of her craft room.  It was made from an old pillowcase. I just happened to have an old pillowcase laying in the pile for Goodwill. (Actually, it’s the pile for Purple Heart, but old habits die hard).

The pillowcase was made by me from an old nightgown, but it never really fit my pillow. It was too short. I had just purchased a new pillowcase and decided it was finally time to get rid of the nightgown-pillowcase.

Or was it?

You may notice that it doesn’t fit exactly, since it is a bit too narrow for the bottom edge of my sewing machine. Maybe one day, I’ll make a cover that fits perfectly. Until then, it will work fine for my purposes, saving me from dusting.