In Knitting, There are no Mistakes

Long time readers may remember a pillow I knit last year while stuck in a car for 15 hours on a drive back from Talbott, TN.

There were so many things wrong with it. The most grievous error was my forgetting to insert a pillow form before seaming up all the sides. Even if that was overlooked, the knitted strips curled inward since I had knit them in stockinette stitch rather than a stitch that would lay flat. The strips did not alternate in color when woven together. The pillow required massive amounts of mattress-stitch seaming. It was so small that only a doll could realistically use it.

So, I scrapped the design, but I couldn’t let the idea go. I loved the way the knitted strips looked when woven together.

Four attempts later, I had finally resolved all those silly, little problems.

I am proud to present my latest two knitting patterns:

Woven Checkerboard Purse

Photography by The Unique Sheep

Woven Checkerboard Laptop Bag

Photography by The Unique Sheep

The patterns may be purchased through my Ravelry store or my website store.

They may also be purchased from The Unique Sheep along with the recommended yarn. Click on the following links to be taken directly to the pattern page(s): Woven Checkerboard Purse and the Woven Checkerboard Laptop Bag .

My advice to new knitting designers: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.


13 thoughts on “In Knitting, There are no Mistakes

  1. I even like the original little pillow! it is adorable. Of course, I love the new purse and bag too – and the great colour combinations!

  2. I’m a relatively beginner knitter. Generally only knit patterned scarves and hats. Is this pattern easy to follow?

  3. Hello Grace,
    Thank you for your query about my Checkerboard patterns. Both patterns have a recommended knitting skill level of Easy. If you can knit patterned hats, then I see no reason why you could not accomplish them.
    As described on my website, “The deceivingly complex look of weaving is obtained through a handful of simple techniques. The main body is knit in garter-stitch strips. A provisional cast-on and 3-needle bind-off eliminate any need for seaming, excluding the tacking down of edges. Directions are given for two sizes: a small purse and a laptop bag.”
    Let me know if you have any further questions.

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