Yarn and Fasting

Do you remember me telling you about the sweater jacket I had knitted, but hated to wear? I frogged it some time ago. This weekend I finally reskeined all the wool.

It took several hours. I had knit the jacket with two strands of yarn held together. So, first I had to separate the two strands and then I had to whirl them up on my umbrella swift. If ever I have been grateful that I purchased the swift so many years ago, my gratitude soared this weekend. If I had been required to wrap the yarn around a chair, I think my arms would have fallen off and my mind would have followed them.

Most of the advice I had read in the past advised me to simply steam the skeins. But, I had 19 skeins. I couldn’t even imagine how long it would take me to steam 19 skeins individually. Needless to say, I didn’t steam them. Rather, I gave them a good soaking and used my washing machine to spin the water out. It worked like a charm. They were hanging in my basement (laundry room) to dry in the course of 20 minutes.

Two days later, they are still drying, but I am in no rush. I still have a Christmas tree skirt to finish knitting before I can starting dreaming of my new sweater jacket. Since I first frogged the original sweater, I have been hunting for a replacement pattern. I found it a week and a half ago: Louhi by Tuulia Salmela (Ravelry link).

As adorable as Jake looks in the picture above, he is causing me grief. Periodically, he decides that rather than eat his Eagle Pack dog food, he would prefer to live off of dog biscuits and peanut butter. Mind you, on a typical day, he might get one small biscuit from the mailman and one large biscuit from me. He receives a kong filled with peanut butter as a bedtime snack. An 80 pound dog cannot live off of 2 dog biscuits and a scoop of peanut butter. It simply isn’t possible. Yet, Jake is a stubborn dog. He waits until he is famished with hunger (approximately 2-3 days of not eating) before he caves and starts eating the oh-so-boring-but-nutritious-and-hearty dog food.

We rescued Jake 2 years ago. He is 5 now. We have done this fasting dance at least 5 times. My will is rock solid for the 1st day. I truly believe that Jake will simply eat at the next meal. After Jake has gone 3 meals without food (breakfast, dinner, and breakfast on the 2nd day), I start to lose my resolve and slowly crumble into a half-crazed (frustrated, bewildered, and worried) woman. Hand feeding doesn’t work. Switching the dog food does work (as I learned the 1st time we went through this), but I prefer to not take that route. Experts say that switching dog food every time a dog decides he no longer wants that particular food will create a picky eater. The goal is to NEVER have to do this fasting dance again.

Now, true, it is summer and Jake doesn’t eat as much food as he does in the winter. Rarely do we do this dance in the winter.

It’s times like these I really wish I could talk to my dog. Although, I imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Jake, you need to eat something.

I don’t want to eat dog food. I want a tasty treat instead.

Jake, you can’t live off of dog treats. It’s not possible.

I don’t care. Treats taste better than dog food.

Well, you have a point there, Jake. Still you need to eat ‘real’ food.

I’m sorry you are upset, but I’m still not eating that.

Yep. Sometimes words aren’t necessary.

11 thoughts on “Yarn and Fasting

  1. Midnight went through that during his time on the antibiotics. He would eat, but it would take all day. Once he was off the meds, we started putting one spoonful of plain yogurt on his food and mixing it a bit (so he wouldn’t just lick the yogurt off the top). It worked like a charm and now he eats as soon as we put the food down. Plus, it has stopped the stinky farts. :) Maybe give that a shot? Good luck!

  2. thanks for the encouragment.. this is what it looks like at my hose when i frog something too only mine is piles on the floor, but then i don’t have pets to get in it.

  3. Poor Jake. He looks starved. (not). Our dogs are doing the “pitiful me” thing today because I have not given them their Angels Eyes granules on peanut butter. Smart critters, and they usually win.

  4. Holy cow, that’s a lot of reskeined yarn!!

    I can’t wait to see you tackle Tuulia’s design (she was my SP11!). I so want to make Pohatan Neito (the cropped version of the long jacket) but since it’s not sized I do not have nearly the confidence to make it in a size to fit me!

  5. oh my gosh you are amazing… that is a lot of yarn!!! I think I’d give up at least 2 or 3 (dozen) times before completing a project like that. You deserve big kudos for this one!
    Now, as for Jake… that silly guy, my Thor has done this once. I caved in and gave him his favorite chicken treats on the second day… as if he was going to starve to death. He has ME trained right. I sure hope he comes around soon. Hang in there and be strong. Does he do the vitamins in the water thing? I’ve had to do this with the little princess Cassie once.

  6. Hmm you have given me the inspiration to frog my sweater. I only have a skein winder tho’, no swift.
    Re Jake, I would stop the treats completely especially the peanut butter.

  7. I’m glad to see from the next post that Jake is no longer fasting. What I do with Puff is give him a small portion of whatever protein we are having for dinner – cut into small bite sizes – and then I mix it with the dry boring food. I might even add a drizzle of pan juices. Mr Puffy loves roasted meats and when he can smell the meal cooking he litterally camps in the kitchen until dinner is served. He will also “snorkle” something akin to purling that cats do – while I’m dishing up! Too funny.

  8. BTW, I just looked at the sweater jacket you are thinking of knitting and it is amazing!!!!! I’m thinking about knitting the Cabled Riding jacket from Teva Durham – but some have complained about the pattern so I’m not sure yet.

  9. Wow you are persistent with that yarn, I admire that. I would have given up.
    The Jake story is funny, I have a picky eater also. Usually that means she has eaten a small furry animal. ICK, but so yummy I guess.
    When I look at the pattern on Ravelry, no wonder you are recycling that, it will be beautiful!
    A big green recycle award to you!

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