A Reward for Getting Back on Schedule

Last night when I finished the 6th tie in my Christmas tree skirt, I decided that I deserved a reward. I had been knitting diligently on this one project, trying desperately to get back on schedule. At the beginning of this year, I had mapped out a time line. If I knit one tie every month, I could complete the project by August – well in advance of Christmas. Two months ago, I fell off the wagon and didn’t knit any ties. This month, I made up for lost time and knit two ties.

Some people choose to reward themselves with chocolate. I eat chocolate everyday, so one piece isn’t a reward; it’s my daily alottment. Rather, I opted to play in my garden.

After coming home from our daily walk and chat with the neighbors, Jake and I spent the rest of the morning outside in the garden. I staked two tomato plants, laid more mulch, and planted Forget-me-not seeds underneath an Eastern Redbud tree, since the Columbine seeds never took. Jake laid in the shade and watched me work. He only moved if I was no longer in his line of sight.

My garden is growing!

By two in the afternoon, I decided that Jake was wiser than I. I was exhausted and Jake was dancing around me – full of energy. Waving a white flag, I went back inside the house.

I’ll leave you with one more brag picture: my new Mountain Laurel bush. It was purchased from my local gardener and planted this Spring.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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