End of the Fast

Jake is eating again!

I’m so relieved. Thank you to everyone who offered advice.

A picture of my well-fed and now-happy dog:


6 thoughts on “End of the Fast

  1. Jake has the exact same expression in the craft room pic and this post. He must love getting his pic taken. He smiles for all of them!

    Thanks for eating. Your mom is so relieved.

  2. Thanks for sharing your roses. Last May we moved away from our old house with our rose garden. Some of our rose bushes were over 20 years old. There were about 50 rose bushes in addition to my herb and perennial garden. Ouch! We miss them! What kind is the one in the top photo?

  3. Whoa, I haven’t visited in a while and didn’t realize Jake was fasting. Both Cassie and Max will, on occasion, walk away from their food. I usually just let it go the first time thinking they know best, but, my trick is a shake of stinky Parmesan cheese. I keep the container right next to their bowls. Easy and has never failed.

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