A Frame, Another Tie and Baseball

I couldn’t think of a snappy sounding title. So, I just rattled off all of the things I want to tell you about.

First, I received a package today from Kodak. Inside were the two pictures of my garden I had printed out. Typically, I don’t print out any of the pictures I take with my digital camera. I upload them to our computer and then I forget about them. If it wasn’t for friends and family, I wouldn’t have any pictures in my photo album or on our photo wall.

Our home still has lots of empty space on the walls. Sometimes I wonder if people actually live here or if this is just a fortified tent for sleeping. 

In a desire to make this house feel more like a home, I printed out two of my favorite garden pictures. Of course, I realized after they arrived that I didn’t have frames to put them in. I had to steal one that had been holding a hand-painted flower. I couldn’t find a frame in my house suitable for the other picture. I hope to find something over the weekend.

In knitting news, I finished the 5th tie in my Christmas Tree Skirt this morning.

True, it is in desperate need of a good blocking, but I am pleased with how it is coming along. I still need to find a more flashy star for the top of the white trees. I should have leftover Christmas yarn, so I could knit 6 small stars out of it. That is unless I use the Christmas yarn to crochet around the edges. It might be wise to wait until the entire skirt is assembled before I make any embellishment decisions. I would prefer to not run out of yarn again. I had to place an order this morning from Knit Picks for more white wool. I should mention that had I stuck to my original design, I would have had enough yarn, but of course, I didn’t do that. I had to add points at the bottom of each tie.

Onto my baseball topic, I received my tickets for Phillies’ Stitch ‘n Pitch night!

Dan will be attending with me. Although I have asked him many times if he would like to learn how to knit, Dan only knows that the craft involves a lot of yarn and an equally large selection of needles. No, he will not be knitting. Instead, he will make himself useful by scoring the game and periodically retrieving any wayward balls of yarn.

Last year, I attempted to knit a scarf and watch the game at the same time. It was unbearably hot though. The yarn kept sticking to me, the needles and my clothes. What started out as a nice, loose gauge ended up into a tight, sticky mess. I plan to bring a project with me, but I may only end up using it for show-and-tell rather than something to knit on.

6 thoughts on “A Frame, Another Tie and Baseball

  1. The picture is gorgeous! Like you once we had a digital camera so ended our pictures. That’s one reason I blog – I looked up one day and realized that for 10 years I didn’t have a single picture. We had a few pictures of our German Shephard Alex from when he was a baby but he passed away at age 11 and we have virtually no pictures of him – and he was movie star handsome. The only family member with real looks if you know what I mean!

  2. Your lucky dog. Stitch and Pitch sounds like a blast.
    Photo is lovely!
    Tree skirt makes me want to knit a christmas stocking.

  3. Love the yellow yarn, it’s such a pretty color. Can’t wait to see a curtain from it, that sounds so nice. I’ve never thought of knitting a Christmas tree skirt, do you mind me asking where you got the pattern? It’s looking lovely.

  4. […] Kodak. Inside were the two pictures of my?garden?I had printed out. Typically, I don??t printhttp://knittedgems.com/2008/05/14/a-frame-another-tie-and-baseball/Exeter/Hampton/Rockingham area news in brief Exeter News-Letter […]

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