Trashing my Good Reputation

I wasn’t going to tell you. I was going to keep my reputation for being a slow but accurate knitter.

Me? I don’t make mistakes. All my projects turn out perfectly.

Then, I remembered how much I loved to read about other people’s blunders. It always makes me feel more relaxed and at home. It’s like I tell Dan all the time: misery loves company. He is trained to tell me that he feels awful when I’m sick.

So, in the hopes that I can trash my good reputation, allow me to flaunt the latest mistakes which I made on my woven pillow.

First, I did not make a gauge. It is the first cardinal rule Knitters are taught. I ignored it. In my defense, I was stuck in that 12-hour car ride without proper measuring tools or blocking tools.

Second, I did not remember the concept of weaving two colors. One side of my pillow should have had all blue strips while the 2nd side should have had all cream strips. If you recall, I had mingled the colors.

Finally, I made the biggest mistake of all. I forgot to insert a pillow into my pillow cover. I had it all seamed up. It was finished. It looked great, ignoring the fact that it wasn’t a perfect square. Then, I started to turn it over and realized that it was a bit flat. Dan was a witness to what happened next. He looked over at me while I had my face buried in the pillow cover, half laughing and half weeping. He tried to comfort me by reminding me the pillow cover was merely a prototype. “You was planning on reknitting it anyway”, he said. I only laughed harder.

What am I going to do with an empty and completely enclosed pillow cover?

It might make a lovely trivet, but I can’t bring myself to felt it.


11 thoughts on “Trashing my Good Reputation

  1. It’s so – what’s the word I’m looking for? Appealing. That’s it. The yarn texture with the woven part is really lovely. I have a scarf pattern which has a woven motif and now I must knit that. I’m going to copy you and use two colors!

  2. I love this post!!! Yes, but I think the pillow is pretty, I actually like the colors like that. The other way is how everyone else is making it. This is more interesting. But, you probably will need to put a pillow into it. Although if you can bare it, a felted trivet would be beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. It’s really pretty and has a nice texture, even if it is a mistake. :) (And it reminds me of all the times I sew up plushies forgetting to put the eyes in first- lol!)
    Anyway, I bet it will make a lovely trivet!


  4. Marie you are so funny. It’s exactly the kind of thing I would do! Is it your pattern? I am very interested in doing it and it’s so interesting to see it laid out before it was put together.

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us. It made me smile and I love the colors just the way you did it.

    I always say “Take Two” when I have a do-over moment!

  6. It’s really pretty anyway. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who does things like that. It’s kind of like when I’ve put the top crust on the pie without dotting the top with butter first. :)

  7. I seem to get the most comments when I share my mistakes. It makes one look more human than the perfection that bloggers tend to strive for. Anyway I love the pillow/trivet, too bad you can’t blow it up like a balloon.

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