Lovely Packages of Wool

Look what came in the mail yesterday!


The skein is 100% merino wool in a lace-weight. It was hand-dyed by Yarn Chef. The color matches perfectly with the yellow paint in my living room. I plan to use the yarn to make a curtain for the window in our front door.

The last picture features 2 four-ounce roving of Shetland Wool from Serenity Sheep Woolens, Montana. It arrived not a moment too soon. I should finish spinning the last of my Corriedale roving tonight while watching my Phillies play the Jays.

Speaking of the Phillies, did you see Worthy (Jayson Werth) last night? He was on fire! He tied a Phillies record by hitting 8 RBIs (Runs Batted In) via 3 home runs with one being a grand slam. The only other Phillies MLB player to do so was Schmidty (Mike Schmidt).


9 thoughts on “Lovely Packages of Wool

  1. OMGosh that is beautiful yellow wool!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it, and the roving also.
    I finally got my drop spindle out, and watched some utube, to try my hand at it again.

  2. Your love of “the game” makes me grin. The Detroit Tigers are on our tv frequently, but I really don’t pay any attention. It’s just music to spin by.

  3. Owwhha, PRETTY!! I can’t wait to see it worked up!
    I am FINALLY changing your blog link, RIGHT NOW! I keep forgetting to do it, and that makes me keep forgetting to check in on you! Now there won’t be any excuse! Hugs, hope you are having a great weekend, and will have a peaceful Sunday.

  4. Ooh. I’m not much of a fan of yellow, but that one is gorgeous! On your other post – that’s something I’ve wondered about doing stitch n pitch in Atlanta – good goo it’d probably be HOT and I’m not so sure I’d wanna be knitting anything at all!

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