Growing a Garden

One of my very first gardening projects was to transfer a shrub I named “Two Flowers”, since only two clumps of flowers bloomed on its branches in the Spring of 2006.

It had been planted in the shade of a large conifer tree and a pin oak tree. It simply wasn’t getting enough sun. It took me all afternoon to dig it out of its shady home and transfer it to the other side of the house where it would get at least 6 hours of full sun. Halfway through the summer, I was certain I had killed it. Half of its foliage was dead. Two years later, I have a hard time recognizing it as the same bush.

This bush isn’t the only thing growing in my garden.

My onions are growing!

After being rained on continuously for two days, they decided to stick their heads out of the ground. These little green sprouts are all throughout my raised bed. I forget how many I planted. I think the answer is ‘a lot’.


4 thoughts on “Growing a Garden

  1. Don’tcha just love spring. I always forget what I planted where so it’s like a mystery every year. Well, I do recognize the dandylions.

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