A Block Party

I am hosting a Knitter’s block party in my basement today. It’s a BYOUFO (Bring Your Own UnFinished Objects).

Such parties are necessary when a Knitter has failed to block the items as they are completed, preferring to pile them in a drawer, unseen. When the drawer will no longer close or when knitting is interrupted because the bits need to be seamed together first, then a Knitter must grudgingly participate in a block party.

I have only accumulated three such pieces and can still close the drawer, but I don’t want to waste time knitting a second Happy Marriage lace block until I ensure the 1st came out to spec. Here is a pic of the Happy Marriage unblocked.

I will upload revised pictures on Monday after it has been blocked. But, can you see the design? If you recall, a Chinese symbol was my inspiration.

In related fiber news, I am approximately halfway through spinning my first 4oz of Corriedale roving. There have not been a lot of baseball games to spin in front of, since my team (Go Phillies!) is on the west coast right now. Games typically have been starting at 10 pm. I’m a loyal fan, but I also treasure my sleep. Hopefully, they will be home soon and I can get back to my spinning schedule.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!