22 Days till Christmas

This year I won’t be up till midnight on Christmas Eve either knitting or sewing. All the presents are wrapped save two. The last two will be purchased from Shangy’s beer store, the best beer distributor in Pennsylvania.

Please don’t hate me. If it makes you feel any better, there is much that is left to be done.

We’re missing a tree. Apparently, you can’t buy a real tree already lit and decorated with your own ornaments. Sure would be nice, wouldn’t it?

There are no lights on our house. Plus, Cartman (our fat pine tree) isn’t sporting his outdoor ornaments.

The cookies haven’t been baked yet. Heck, the cookie dough hasn’t even been mixed up yet. Normally, by now it would be sitting on the attic stairs chilling. I plan to make 5 different kinds of cookies this year:

  1. Sugar cookies (these are the traditional one)
  2. Pumpkin cookies
  3. Scottish shortbread cookies with chopped pecans
  4. Gingerbread cookies
  5. Springerle cookies
  6. Molasses cookies (if time permits)

Two of the Christmas gifts are actually baked goods, which haven’t been made either. I am giving Scottish baps to my uncle and a chocolate cake to my sister-in-law. The baps can be made in advance and frozen until the day before Christmas. The cake I can’t make until the day before Christmas Eve. (I feel I should mention here that, no, I’m not Scottish. Well, I have a smidgen, but it’s hardly a drop in the bucket. I cook Scottish food because I love the simple recipes and the rich [fatty] outcomes).

The Christmas Eve dinner hasn’t been planned yet. Which is a nice way of saying, I have no frickin idea what I plan to serve these people! I have one picky eater who only likes to eat chicken Parmesan, a child who is pickier than her mother (hard to believe), a vegetarian who won’t even eat vegetable soup if its made from a meat stock, and 2 devoted carnivores who think vegetables are icky. Short of making personal, individualized dishes, I don’t know what to do. The idea of just cooking what I want to cook and telling everybody to either eat what is on the table or starve sounds really tempting. Do you have a better idea?

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6 thoughts on “22 Days till Christmas

  1. Most likely with just a simple suggestion, the vegetarian would provide a dish for their own dining pleasure. To most of us, it is important not to have meat stock in our soups. It follows along with our belief that no animals should have to die or be mistreated to our provide food. That should help some, but I can’t provide any advice on the picky meat eaters.

  2. No tree? Then what’s that green thing there in your picture? Color me confused. :)

    I’m doing okay in my crocheted gift run. I have a little bit left on one throw (I’ll likely finish tomorrow night at crochet meeting) and I only have a bit over 3 pattern repeats (of 16″ each) to finish on my brother’s afghan. And that’s it! :)

  3. Thank you, Brenda. I do understand the reasoning most people choose to become vegetarians. I guess I get frustrated with my SIL because she decided to become a vegetarian because as she said “I hadn’t eaten meat in a while, so I decided to eliminate it from my diet”. As if it was done on a whim. Oh well, I shouldn’t gripe. She really is a nice person. Since her birthday is a few days before xmas, I just might make her rattouille (sp?).

    Tracie, to remove your confusion, my artificial tree doesn’t count as a tree in my husband’s eyes. We have to get a real one, you see.

  4. Check out this recipie -> http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_33524,00.html
    It has cheese, so unless your SIL is vegan this should work for her, and if you split the recipie in half in baking dishes and added some breaded chicken, it just may serve as ‘close enough’ to chicken parm. I’ve made this tons of times and it’s always been a huge hit with folks asking for the recipie. If you wanted to serve it as your main item, you could make another batch with Italian Sausage in it and let the veggie haters pick out the meat and pasta :)

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