Slipping into Happiness

I swore I wouldn’t do again. I had even considered giving it all away to somebody who would put it to good use. My knitting, sewing, quilting and gardening hobbies keep me busy. I don’t have time for another hobby. I explained all of this before.

On Wednesday when I was deciding between the gorgeous yarn my MIL gave me and the true-red, practical yarn, I saw the Corriedale roving. Instantly, I remembered where I was when I bought it and how excited I was to bring it home. Master K, my nephew, was newly born. (He will be 5 in August). I was visiting my sister in Texas to help with keeping Miss K, the proud big-sister, out of the way. I purchased it in a small shop in McKinney, Texas on the one day my sister and I escaped the confines of her house. I was terribly excited to bring it home. Inside the package of roving was a drop spindle. Once I got back home to Pennsylvania, I immediately took it out of its packaging and tried to spin it up. It was a disaster. At first, I was spinning too loose. Then, I was spinning too tight. So, I bought a book. Then, I bought another book. I purchased a Turkish spindle. I bought a batt of gorgeous merino wool. I took a spinning class at Stitches East. Nothing worked. The harder I tried, the more frustrated I became. So, I packed it all up and put it away. I gradually accepted the fact that I would never spin my own wool. It was nothing to be upset about. The world is full of commercial-spun and hand-spun wool. Naturally, I just bought more wool to make up for the lack of handmade wool.

Looking at the Corriedale roving, I was inspired. I walked into the office/craft room and took down my Turkish spindle. All these years, it had been hanging from a hook. Waiting. I sat down and I started to spin. My first try was once again too loose. Then, everything I had been taught just clicked into place. I was spinning! And I was smitten.

The rationalization has already started. If I finish knitting 10 more rows, I can go spin for a half an hour. If I finish making four more quilt squares, I can spin for a full hour. It’s going to rain tonight, so the gardening doesn’t need watering. I can spin a bit more during the time I would have been watering. It’s a slippery slope.

I don’t need another hobby. Yet, I just can’t stop myself!

Speaking of my garden, I leave you with a picture of a Flowering Dogwood. Though last summer’s drought took a toll on my other four dogwoods, this one was left unscathed. It is protected in the backyard from the afternoon sun.


14 thoughts on “Slipping into Happiness

  1. Yay! You Go Girl. Besides, M, you are a designer, a fiber artist, it fits, it works, it is growth. Love how the flowering tree reflects your blossoming as a spinster.

  2. And that’s why right now my spindle and my roving are packed away in the closet. I know if I pull it out and try, I’ll add that to my growing list of things I want to do. :(

  3. Oh my gosh, Marie, I really want to learn how to spin and have been similarly discouraged with my few attempts with a drop spindle… You’re inspiring me! (Uh-oh! I don’t have time either, lol!!) Absolutely love the photo of the dogwood, gorgeous.

  4. Spinning is next on my list-of-things-to-try. I have a friend who teaches classes on how to use a drop spindle and I definitely want to learn from her soon!

    That dogwood photo is gorgeous. The leaves are just starting to come out of their buds over here. =)

  5. Hoorah, how exciting! That’s kind of what happened to me. I tried one summer on a wheel and then gave up. Now of course you have to go buy a wheel! Spinning during baseball games works very well. There are several good spinning lists in Yahoo Groups to help you too. The archives will be goldmines of info for questions you will have as you continue your journey.

  6. LOL I know that mantra.. no more hobbies.. NO MORE HOBBIES! ; ) Spinning seems to be grabbing many a woman by the arm though, so don’t feel bad :D

  7. My dogwoods are in bloom also, I had just thought that I needed to take a pic of them.
    I have a dropspindle kit (somewhere) and have not touched it (for years). You make this look easy.

  8. Though I understand your guilt at trying to make time for yet another hobby, it’s a conflict that wages in my own head quite often, I say go with it! If spinning is speaking so strongly to you, I think it means you’re meant to explore it. Have fun, and post pics. =)

  9. That happened to me too. I always wanted to try spinning but just couldn’t imagine fitting in the time… so I didn’t even try it as I was afraid I’d be smitten. I succumbed this past spring and tried spinning with a friend’s spindle. I then bought my own and haven’t stopped. Have fun!

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