First Quilt of 2010

Made especially for Pat and Marina’s 2nd child, since I had made their 1st child this quilt.

Being a 2nd child myself, I was determined to not let the birth of their 2nd child pass without making something for her.

Pattern: none. It’s just a simple patchwork design.
Size: 36″ square
Fabric: Top is 100% cotton flannel. The batting is 100% polyester in a high loft. Back is a soft minky fabric made out of 100% polyester. (It does go against the rule that quilts should be made with all cotton fabrics, but I couldn’t resist. It was so soft).
Quilting: Combination of stitch-in-the-ditch, simple geometric designs and cookie cutters.

Timeframe: bit sketchy since I’m not sure when I started but I’ll estimate 2 months
Quality Assurance: Approved by Elly

With the quilt done, I can now start stocking Elly’s closet with handmade dresses. Have I mentioned recently how much I love my new machine?


4 thoughts on “First Quilt of 2010

  1. I like the simplicity of the quilt. It is timeless and beautiful. Did you quilt it on the machine? The shapes look like they were hand quilted! I love it

    1. Yes. The entire quilt was done on the machine.
      I used cookie cutters to get the shapes within the blocks. My new machine was great at starting and stopping, allowing me to follow curves.
      Even Dan agreed that it was the best quilting job I’ve ever accomplished on a machine.

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