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My XandO design started out in life as a not-a-blanket. It then morphed into a dishcloth, but was found to be too heavy. Then, it tried to be a washcloth, but it was too big. Now, it is auditioning for a tag blanket title.

I asked Dan what he thought of its new purpose, but he didn’t quite understand why one would put tags on the outside of a blanket. It didn’t make any sense. Tags are supposed to be sewn on the inside of clothing. So, clearly, he isn’t any help.

So, I need your help.

With tags?

Or without tags?

The idea for turning my XandO into a knitted tag blanket came from my friend’s daughter. We attended her christening on Sunday.

For her gift, I had purchased a tag blanket from BabyLoveBlankies, since I didn’t have time to make her anything. She started playing with the tags on it right away. Her mother told me that she has a taggie toy that she plays with when she’s laying down in her crib. And here I had just bought it because I liked the fabrics.

The christening card in the pic above is made from my button stash. I just used Zots dots to glue them in place.

To perhaps encourage my card fetish, my MIL sent me down a present with Dan’s early b-day present. (Thanks, Mom!)

It’s full of great ideas! I can’t wait to try the weaving and frame techniques. Since I have enough birthday cards made for everyone’s birthday this year and a few even for next year, I think I’ll start on mini holiday cards, like Halloween and Thanksgiving.


8 thoughts on “Tag Vote

  1. I vote for “tags” I try to sell on ebay and saw them there first. They were actually selling for more than my quilts. Not sure what’s up with that, but I’d go with it.

  2. I can definitely see how tags up the amusement factor for babies.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the new cards you come up with. The cupcake ones from your previous post are so cute!

  3. Adorable tag blankie! And I love the christening card- how cute is that! I really need to get my card making stuff out soon :)

  4. As long as the tags are kid safe and not a choking or trapping of little finger and necks hazzard, the look is adorable and the tags add to tactile attraction. Great adaptation. Also the wt of the blankie seems good. If I’m recalling correctly, a weighted blanket is soothing for hyperactive children and elderly so may serve several purposes.

  5. What a great idea! My older son loved playing with the tags on all his stuffed toys – I bet he’d have loved a blanket like this. Very pretty, love the bright colors!

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