Better Pictures

Well, they aren’t perfect, but I did the best I could with the cloudy (snow flurry) weather.

Without further ado:

Can I share a little factoid with you? It measures 56 inches at the top (from point to point) and 28 inches in length. Why am I telling you this? Because when I drew out the design, I planned it to be exactly those measurements. And it is. I’m pleased and surprised and a bit giddy.

I’ve decided to name it Anastasia’s Alpaca Shawl. Why? Well, I do go weak in the knees for alliteration. Plus, my niece ADORES Cinderella, but it seems a bit vain to name your shawl after Cinderella. So, I picked her wicked step sister; that seemed OK.

The stats:
Anastasia Alpaca Shawl
Designed by me
Started in July 2007
Shelved in August and September because it was too hot
Shelved again in December because Christmas was coming
Finished in January 2008
Approx 800 yards of lace-weight alpaca wool from Alpacas at White Horse Farm (local PA farm)
570 Beads

8 thoughts on “Better Pictures

  1. Beautiful. Congratulations on a fantastic design. Is the color more acurate the camel or the grey? Is that a clasp holding it together? I personally like shawls that size better than the super large variety as they are more wearable.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Puffy, Tracie & Dana for your kind words. I truly appreciate it!

    Yes, Dana, this pattern will be available in my Etsy store and in my Lulu marketplace by the end of the week. Thanks for asking!

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