Katie’s Doll Quilt and (of course) More Cards

I finished Katie’s doll quilt last night!

Well, there are a few white lies in that announcement. The quilt isn’t completely finished; I still have to tack down the corners. It’s not a “real” quilt either; it’s a “cheater” quilt.

The top of the quilt is just one piece of fabric. The batting is just a piece of flannel fabric. I’m still calling it a quilt, because I did quilt the layers together. They are loosely quilted, but quilted all the same. I just followed any straight lines I could find in the fabric top that went from side to side without meandering. (I don’t trust my machine to meander. Often when I turn a corner on it, the needle gets jammed). Then, I stitched around the hearts that all the My Little Ponies were framed in.

The whole quilt was machine quilted, including the binding. I topstitched it down rather than hand tack it to the back. I imagine with the white fabric on the back side, this quilt is going to require a lot of machine washing.

I tried taking pictures last night, but without any sunlight to speak of, they came out a bit dark. I’ll try again this weekend.

And for cards – I have 3 new ones to show you!

First, a personalized card inspired by my new Carol Duvall book.

Carol had included instructions on how to stamp directly over paper colored in chalk. I don’t have chalk. Nor was I about to color a whole piece of paper in chalk anyway. I want instanst gratification!

But, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the color underneath the bike is yellow. I colored a small section of the red cardstock with a yellow colored pencil to make the stamp pop out a bit more.

In case you’re wondering who I personalized the card for, it’s me. I ride a red bike to run errands and my last name starts with h.

Next up is an Easter card.

I just piled some cardstock up and slapped a bunny button on top. (The back of the button was cut off with an Xacto knife).

Lastly, I give you a Greenland card. Now, I’ve never been to Greenland. And for the record, I have no desire to go. I hear it’s really cold there. I can barely suffer through the Pennsylvania winters without whining once a week.

This picture is from a 1956 encyclopedia that came with the purchase of this house. The son, for whom the collection was purchased for many years ago, thought he could live without the knowledge.

9 thoughts on “Katie’s Doll Quilt and (of course) More Cards

  1. I should be so good on the sewing machine. If I knew how to use one I would have no compunction about using it to seam my new Flo cardigan which is a task I’m dreading! Those encylopedias might be collectable some day (the one’s you’ve not snipped pictures from – LOL). Nice cards – particularly like the boat one.

  2. The cards are lovely! I like the bike card (you should frame it), and the Easter card with the cute bunny!

  3. Very artistic stuffs. It is fun and exciting to be able to create stuffs starting from ideas and seeing them materialising into physical objects. I have that feeling when solving maths questions also.

    Fro: Principle of Mathematics

  4. I know I’d call it a quilt! And a mighty cute one at that! I love the way the reverse side shows all the hearts! I hope Katie enjoys it. The cards are great!

  5. You’re like a renaissance woman! You can do so many things SO ridiculously well! The cards look fantastic – I particularly like the bike – it’s very cute!

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