Scrubs Aren’t Just for Nurses and Doctors

They are for people like you and me too!

I apologize for the lack of makeup and the overwhelming tired look on my face. I finished sewing these pants at 9:40 pm last night. Had I been in my right mind, I would have waited till the light of day before taking pictures. But after sipping on port for the last hour, dragging Dan away from his video game to take pictures of me in my Snoopy socks seemed like a perfectly reasonable request.

Now, for the stats.

Started Saturday, March 29th
Finished Sunday, March 30th
Simplicity pattern #3542
Alterations made:

  • Measured a scant 1/4 inch up from the lower edge of the pants. Redrew line to mark the bottom of the pants. Then, marked 3.5 inches above this line. The area in between was used to make the cuffs. Cut away the cuff section before pinning and cutting the pant section. The bottom edge of the cuff patterns was placed against a fold in the fabric.
  • Shortened pant legs by 2.5 inches, since I am only 5 feet tall.
  • Lengthened the waist encasement to accommodate a 1-inch wide elastic band. (I find them to be more comfortable than a thinner elastic band).
  • Used flat-fell seams throughout.

A close-up of the cuffs & the Snoopy socks.

Note that the cuffs were cut from the same fabric. The bottom of the fabric had this detail.

I love to make my own clothes for 2 good reasons. First, the clothes are better quality than what you can buy at Walmart or at a department store. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to repair ready-made clothes after the first washing. Second, the clothes actually fit me. I have the hardest time finding pants that fit me. Like most women, I do not have an hourglass figure. I am shaped like a pear. Specifically, in sewing terms, I start out as a size 12 up top, blossom to a size 14 at the waist, and continue on to a size 16 at the hips/thighs. I don’t start to thin back down until I get to my knees. Most pants I find start to thin back down once they get past the hips, leaving me look like a person who hasn’t admitted to herself that she recently gained weight and ought to retire the pants she’s wearing.