New Beading Project

I sure hope you aren’t sick of hearing me whine about how many beads are on my current project. I have a new beading story to tell you.

I’ve rooted through my closet and pulled out an old beading project. Approximately 6 years ago, I decided I was going to make my neice a butterfly blanket. I used process of elimination to decide how the butterflies would be made.

  • I don’t own an embroidery machine
  • Hand-embrodery would take me a long time and I hate it when the thread gets twisted
Cross stitch
  • I don’t own an embroidery machine
  • Cross stich would take me a long time and I hate it when the thread gets twisted
So, this naturally led me to buying an enormous amount of beads. I made 5 butterflies in the month of December. As Christmas Day approached, I gently folded the blanket back up and stuffed it into the closet.

I pulled it back out yesterday with the intention of finishing it for my youngest neice. After seeing how big the blanket really was, I walked over to my computer and ordered the Pigeon book from

The new plan is to finish it by June 2008. Wish me luck! I think I might need it.

3 thoughts on “New Beading Project

  1. I am not taking the time to read your most current post right now, I promise I will come back and do so soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you if you would be interested in coming over to my blog and vote on the contest entries I have posted. I would like to see if I can get unbiased opinions in the voting process by asking people who didn’t enter to come and vote, and am asking bloggers I read to visit me over the weekend to help with this. Thanks!!

  2. Say, have you ever considered free motion machine embroidery? With your design talent, you might create some amazing things with it. Drop the feed dogs and draw with thread. It is wonderful fun. IMHO

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