Suffering Pain for the Love of Christmas

I wanted 2 Christmas trees this year.

This seemed easy enough to accomplish. We own an artificial tree from our days of living in an apartment (real trees are considered a fire hazard and thus were banned by our landlord). It has been sitting up in the attic since we bought our house. I drug it down from the attic and set it up in our guest bedroom. It is the first thing you see when you walk into the room.

Since we didn’t have enough lights or ornaments for 2 trees, I stopped by Lowes and picked up some clear lights and red & gold balls. The lights went on easy-peesy. The ornaments were a different story.

I was a tad disappointed when I opened up the box of ornaments to find that they did not have the wire hangers already attached. No problem, I thought. I just went and found my ball of green-coated wire and my kitchen shears. Perhaps you know where this story is going.

The kitchen shears not only cut the wire, but also cut a piece of my finger off.

Still, my 1st Christmas tree is up and decorated.

If I had to do it again, I would have used wire cutters to cut the wire. I can confirm that cutting your finger hurts a lot. I’m a bit uncertain how I am going to cook a full meal on Thanksgiving Day. Cooking normally requires that your hands get dirty and wet.

Did I mention that I love my tree?