Update pic on the AWHF Shawl

I’m stealing Tracie’s name. One of her recent crochet projects was called the Dress that Never Ends. My AWHF Shawl will henceforth be known as the Shawl that Never Ends. It’s a good name.
I am only 75% done. Wait. Let me rephrase. Hark, I have knitted 75% of the shawl. Gosh, that sounds better, doesn’t it?
Every 4th row now requires 16 sead beads to be woven in. Thus, every 10 stitches, I have to stop and move one bead towards the top of the string and slip two stitches. I am grateful every time I finish a beaded row and can then knit 3 rows plain. As a bit of good news, it appears that I have enough beads strung onto the cone to last me till the end of this shawl.
Enough of me yammering, let’s have that pic, shall we?

And without the light
Gosh, you can’t see all the beads in either one of them. There is sweat and tears on each one!
I’ll have to find another way to take a pic of it before I publish the pattern on it.

Christmas Cards

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day!

Ours was small but nice. We ended up just having our close friends stop by. I cooked too much food, since last year I barely cooked enough.

Now that Thanksgiving Day has passed, we are in full Christmas mode. No, the Christmas lights aren’t up outside … mainly because that is Dan’s job and he was too busy playing Rock Band this weekend to do anything else. Instead, all the Christmas presents have been purchased save 2, the inside decorations are up, and the Blue Spruce tree outside is sporting large, red bows. Plus, my favorite activity has begun: writing Christmas cards.

I only have 12 more cards to write our of a total 56 cards. Not bad, since I take the time to write a personal note in almost every card. What does Dan do? Why he signs his name on each card and has the audacity to complain about his hand being sore. How he manages to see the ball drop every year is beyond me. I think I’m too soft.