Ringing in the New Year

Every year, Pottstown hosts a Polar Bear Swim and Bonfire. Having no desire to jump in a freezing Schuylkill river, we strolled into Riverfront park an hour after the party began.

The fire was still hot, providing much warmth on a (finally) cold day in winter. The Newfoundland we saw was quite content with the cold; happy to lay down and enjoy the cold.


While huddled by the fire, Elly and Brooke each ate a hot dog.


Six Phillies firemen stood on guard around the  bonfire with hoses in hand. Giddy as a kid in a candy store, I asked the firefighters when they were going to put the fire out. Two minutes was the answer so we stayed to watch the show.

Smoke billowed out of the fire pit in a huge torrent. We lost sight of the firefighters.


After a few oohs and ahhs, we headed back to the car.

Despite complaining of cold, Elly and Brooke stopped to check out the Rotary’s Free Library. They both found something they loved and had to bring home to read.

Once home, the kids had hot chocolate and the adults had hot tea. After a paltry amount of pleading from Elly, Dan lit the fireplace. He’s been itching to do that. It’s been two years now.

As always, we ended the first day of the year with a supper of pork and sauerkraut. If the old PA Dutch belief is right, we’ll be blessed with good luck. I shan’t complain.

Happy New Year!



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