Sunday Snapshots (of dandelions)

I hate dandelions.

Every year, I pull out close to a hundred. Of course, the only way to pull them out properly is to dig down and get the entire root. If you miss even just a little bit of the root, it will grown back. Grrr.

If they would just stay in the lawn, I wouldn’t care. But no, they get into my garden beds and even my raised vegetable beds. They are pure evil.

Elly, on the other hand, loves dandelions.

She likes to pick them and then give them as little gifts.

It’s adorable.

It almost makes me want to forgive the dandelion for all its evil traits. Almost, but not quite.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots (of dandelions)

    1. There are days when I wish I could blast our whole yard with poison just to kill the dandelions, but with a dog who eats grass and a toddler who still likes to put everything in her mouth I can’t. So, I pull as many as I can out by hand.

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