Reupholstered Chairs

After updating the fabric on this chair,

I went a bit nuts with the staple gun and reupholstered two more chairs. I would have done 5 more, but Dan asked for a cease fire.

A recently purchased chair went from sporting a hand embroidered cloth (which was filthy and musty lest you think I lost my mind by removing such a pretty piece of handwork) to sporting a scrap piece of fabric from my stash that really accents the orange grain in the wood.

The captain’s chair in out dining set went from a boring gold to a vibrant mix of orange, black and turquoise. Due to the white background, I wisely added a layer of vinyl overtop.

It was after the captain’s chair that Dan called a cease fire. Mr. Practical reminded me that our dining chairs have seen better days and were slowly falling apart. Perhaps we should replace them first and then I could go to town with the fabric, vinyl and staple gun.
He was right of course, but I lamented having to put down the staple gun. Reupholstering is so much fun!


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