Fabric Storage

After drooling over the pictures in Flickr’s Sewing Rooms group, I announced to Dan that I wanted, nay needed, a hutch to store my fabric. The old system of storing my fabric in stackable, see-through drawers was no longer working. If I let myself be honest, the system had never worked at all. To find anything required several minutes of digging through each of the drawers.

Dan promptly informed me that we *had* a hutch, inherited from his great grandfather. I counter argued that the hutch was currently holding my Mamaw’s (great grandmother) china set, wedding pictures and antique dolls. Master of the quick retort, Dan stated that we had two built-in hutches and a server, all of which were underutilized. A compromise was made: I agreed to relocate the china to the server and Dan agreed to the purchase of a new bookcase.

I just love how it came out. At a glance, I can find the fabric that I need.

As soon as I have time to shift the items on the bottom shelf over to the new bookcase, I’ll have room to grow.

Of course, all this organization has shined a light on just how many UFO projects I really have. The two left-hand piles on the 2nd shelf are all current projects. Ashamed, I put myself on an immediate sewing diet. I am not allowed to start any new projects or buy new fabric until I finish the current UFOs. It’s going to be a long Spring.

Quilters may notice the lack of small bits of fabric in the hutch picture. A quick shuffle in my sewing cabinet cleared out one drawer.

It works for my needs, because I am first a sewer then a quilter. Should ever the two be reversed, I’ll have to come up with a different strategy.


8 thoughts on “Fabric Storage

  1. Yes, you may have a few ufo’s, but I put a different light on it- it’s your retirement funding. . . or recession funding, whichever works for you! It all looks great btw!


  2. I’m quite envious of your beautiful hutch to store your fabric! It would be lovely to be able to see everything instead of rummage through bags as I do. Why not add some of your yarn to the bottom shelf until the space is needed for fabrics.

  3. I like this idea. What a lovely thing to do. By showing off your fabric in a place fitting for it.
    Now you have me looking around my house.
    I’ve been in the garden, so the house is in chaos

  4. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky my mom doesn’t live close to you. I’m sure she would be thinking about how she could steal this away from you! She is a Fabricaholic.

    I’m going to tell her she may want to re-think her hutch and dump the china for fabric storage!

    It looks AWESOME to me!

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