Cooking tragedy

Well, last night I tried to slice off my finger. It wasn’t by one of my knives as you might think – my knives wouldn’t dream of doing something so traitorous. No, it was my vegetable peeler. I think it might be getting dull. I was having trouble peeling an Idaho potato (for potato soup), so I pulled harder. Well, it cut the skin off of the potato alright and then took a nice chunk out of my finger. Thankfully, it’s the middle finger on my left hand. Typing is a little uncomfortable. Knitting is a little uncomfortable, if it wasn’t for all the years I learned to keep my left hand perfectly still while knitting so I didn’t jab the person next to me on the train. Oddly enough, washing my hair was the biggest challenge today. =)

I did start on my pillow lining. With a little luck and motivation, it’ll be finished for tomorrow morning. This blog acts as a huge motivation factor. It’s as if Big Brother is looking over my shoulder making sure I complete exactly what I said I would.

It’s miserable looking out today. I was hoping to get more of my hedge row cut down. The whole row is leggy, not to mention half of it is dead. The goal is in two years to have a nice, bushy hedge. We’ll see who wins: the hedge or me!

Happy knitting (or sewing or quilting or cooking)!

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