Knitting sleeves on the way to a baseball game

I didn’t think the traffic was that bad last night. My husband disagreed. I should mention that he was driving to the Phillies game while I was knitting in the passenger seat, but I can’t see how it matters. I made good progress on my sleeves during the drive. So good, I will be winding skeins of yarn into balls tonight. (I ran out of yarn on my left sleeve!)

The ride back home was quicker, but that didn’t help our mood. The Phillies’ record is 3-9 (3 wins out of 12 games). It’s so painful to watch. I hate to admit it, but the pitching isn’t good. My boys, Myers and Maddog, aren’t pitching well at all. Chutley, Rowand, and Ruiz are not hitting well. Howard isn’t seeing the ball. Yet, Howard’s saving grace is that he is keeping his walk numbers up. Jimmy, Vicky, Hamels and Geary are doing fine, but can’t seem to drag the rest of the team with them. It’s maddening, I tell you! Maddening!

The design for the shawl is coming along at a fast pace. I am in the gauge phase. There will be two different patterns used in the shawl and thus two different gauges. I plan to incorporate beading and maybe some glittery yarn (Rowan’s shimmer line, I think). I’ll see how the gauges come out.

I am tossing around some sewing projects too. One is a message board (using a cork board for the base) and one is a star pillow (just to prove my knitted star pillow design can in fact look right at home in a teenager’s room). They are both in the “sleep on the idea” stage of the planning. I love that stage!=)

My sister called this morning with more Disney plan information. Kail, my 3-year-old nephew, was the cutest. He had to get on the phone twice to talk to me. Once to tell me that he hurt his knee. Then to tell me that he was “all better now”. He’s such a ham!

Well, I’m on to knit for the last half hour before I take Jake out to garden. (He eats the sticks that I trim from the hedge. It’s a good system).

Happy Winding!