Enough Brown Yarn?

I have rescued all the brown yarn from my gauges. It only gave me 6 mini balls of brown yarn. I still don’t know if it will be enough brown yarn. Thus, I do what I always do in such situations; I procrastinate. I stick it in a drawer and I try to pretend it doesn’t exist.

My only hope is that a little green elf will come in and knit the right sleeve for me. Then, when I am within an inch of finishing the sleeve and I run out of brown yarn, I can’t lose my mind and run off the nearest bridge.

The left sleeve is progressing quite nicely. I am 12 inches complete with only 5.5 inches left to knit before I get to the cap part. See for yourself. A Phillies baseball game will be on tonight (they play at 7:05 pm EST). I should be able to make some more headway on the left sleeve. Once I get to the cap section, I plan to completely switch over to the turquoise yarn. With a little luck, I will be able to salvage yet more brown yarn.

Jake is breathing loud sighs in the hopes of getting my attention. True, it is almost play time. Yet, what he doesn’t know is that it is raining already. Here I was hoping to lay bricks around Big Brother (the largest of the Weeping Japanese Maple saplings). Little Brother has not fared quite as well between my husband mowing him down and Jake peeing on him. I am determined that Big Brother won’t suffer the same fate!

More design ideas: a summer dress for a wee one done in lime green and bright pink. The skirt will be a smattering of rectangles while the top will be all pink outlined with a green border. Then, a women’s jacket in two styles: a-line and wrap-around. The final challenge: a sweater that a man wouldn’t hate wearing. Why are men so difficult to design for? I did make my husband a sweater once. Come to find out, he’s allergic to the lanolin in wool. It took me months to make that sweater and now it sits in a tote in the cedar closet. Once I stop weeping over it, I’ll make it into a pillow covering. It has been five years now and I still can’t bear to cut it up. Maybe I should rip it out and reuse the yarn. What to do?