Shawl and Bump Progress

I finally had enough stitches on the needle to jump to the next size up: a 40-inch circular. Frankly, I could have transferred it to a 60-inch circular, but since I don’t have one in my collection, this was the best I could do.

I think I cheered to see the shawl finally expanded and no longer crunched up in hat mode.

91 more rounds to knit in the mohair before I can design the border. I’m leaning towards a variation of the Alpine Edging in Barbara Walker’s 2nd Treasury book. Yesterday I ordered Barbara Abbey’s Knitting Lace to peruse her collection of lace edgings and see if I couldn’t locate something more suitable to the diamond motifs featured in the shawl.

Now that I have embraced the maternity clothes, it is hard to gauge whether or not I’ve gotten much bigger. I don’t feel bigger. Pictures don’t lie though.

The bump keeps growing. I should have guessed, since the kicks have gotten harder.

3.5 more months to go, assuming she arrives on time. Let the countdown begin.

This is a post from Knitted Gem’s blog, authored by Marie Haigh.


8 thoughts on “Shawl and Bump Progress

  1. Marie, that looks like a stunning shawl you are designing! I know what you mean when you transition to the longer needles and it’s no longer scrunched up.

    There’s a bun in the oven all right :)))

  2. You are looking great! The last three months are the best. You get that nesting feeling. Even though you have already done such a great job of keeping up on things for baby Elly. The nesting some how gives you more energy and you just want to super organize everything. I love it!

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